Saturday, July 21, 2007

STP 2007 - Day 1 (0)

Sunrise over Seattle 14th July as I head towards the STP start line. Wondering ... how will the next 2 days turn out?

Bags for the night, packed and tagged, need to dropped off with the right truck. Our truck was the one headed for Bethel Church near Chehalis at the 114th mile.

Trucks lined up... bags stacked up...

At the start line with Tulsi. We were both all set to go, but didn't know where the rest of the gang was!

They were busy taking their pictures :-) L-R it is Vinit, Ankur, Sudarshan, Narendra and Arvind.

We made these helmet decorations (Asha logo) and the Asha bibs which says "Bringing Hope through Education" (thanks to Raji!!)
Finally we Start...

Kids start off too..

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