Saturday, July 21, 2007

STP 2007 - Day 2 (0)

Group snap before starting the remaining 90 miles on July 15th morning. L-R is Pritam, Ravi, Srijan, Tulsi, Vinit, Sree and me.
We started with the Napavine hill on top of which we met the famous banana bread lady.

Soon we crossed Winlock, the town which had "The world's largest egg".

Bikers ride on after a break at Winlock...

Restroom and water breaks typically turned out to be longer than we anticipated because of the long lines. Sree is making good use of his time by checking out the route map.

Our lunch stop was at the 145.7th mile at Lexington Park. Another long queue for the hungry riders.

The gang having lunch.

The scene at the lunch stop...

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