Saturday, July 21, 2007

STP 2007 - Day 2 (1)

Day 2 had lots of hills and left upto me I would never bike up the hills :) Soon we would come to the Lewis & Clark bridge which connects Washington state to Oregon. But before the bridge I had another tumble when my front wheel hit Sree's back wheel. As I hit the ground I could see bikers going past, almost over me. After a short rest I was back riding again, though a little paranoid of any biker coming near me!

Crossing the Lewis & Clark bridge was another highlight of the ride. Hundreds of bikers lined up, waiting for the police to stop vehicles open up the bridge only to bikers. As hundreds of bikers approached the bridge, the gradual uphill made it very hard to keep climbing and stay clear of other bikers!

And thats the bridge we just crossed. We were now in Oregon, still 50 more miles to go!

We biked beside the Columbia river, on US30 for a long time.
After several hours of pedalling this I loved this sign "Portland 10"

And finally.... the finish line!!

Finish line festivals...

Our bikes are down, we are done.

Showing off the STP finisher medal.

Bags packed and bikes loaded on the cars, ready to drive back to Seattle.

200 miles, 2 days, 2 wheels and a pack full of wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime!!

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wonderful story :). A few words about your cause a possible hyperlinks would really put the icing on the inspiring cake.