Saturday, July 21, 2007

STP 2007 - Day 1 (1)

It is a long road ahead.... For the first 25miles I was still getting used to my new bike, never ridden before. I found myself blaming the bike, or the cleats on my shoes or the weight of the hydration pack on my back. For some reason my back felt painful and its the first time I encountered this sensation!

How glad I was to see the REI foodstop!

I dropped my bike and headed straight for food.
Very soon the whole group met..

On the road again... and there was Mt Rainier! On this strech of the road I was biking alone, with my thoughts and the views of Mt Rainier. Surprisingly all my back aches dissappeared :)
Mt Rainier..

On I kept pedalling ... conquered the dreaded Puyallup hill with temperatures soaring above 90F. After all that I had heard about this hill, it didn't feel that bad after all. At the bottom of the Puyallup hill I met Ravi as he effortlessly went past ...

Lunch stop at 54th mile I met everyone again. Food wasn't good but we had to eat and replenish our gatorade stock. Below you can see Raji, Vijay and Sangeetha having lunch and chatting with Vaibhav. On the right picture is Sree filling gatorade.

After a good strech I was completely refreshed to face the heat and the road, and endure my bike seat :)

Finally after more than an hour and half lunch break we left. Here onwards I was biking with Srijan and Sree.

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