Monday, August 27, 2012

RSVP 2012 - Day 2

We were done with 105miles of biking on the first day, so I knew the second day to be easier with approx. 83miles to reach Vancouver BC, Canada. Here we are ready to roll around morning 6:30am in front of Western Washington University!

We stopped at Bellingham downtown Starbucks for breakfast of bagel, cream cheese and coffee cake. It is extremely hard to sit on the bike the second day. But soon one gets used to it. I was looking forward to riding in Canada today.

We rode through picturesque farms and small towns in Samish Bay area. Contrary to the rest of United States, the corn corps were flourishing here in Pacific North West. The breakfast stop at Lynden at mile 20 was hosted by the community and they served delicious fresh fruit parfait! So we stopped to have breakfast 2 :-)

We started biking towards the Canada border at mile 27. The border road is like any other road going through a town. Two roads running parallel to a ditch, one in USA, another in Canada, with no visible fence in between. Funnily enough, the organizers had warned us not to cross the ditch! Resisting the temptation to walk over to Canada ;), I stood in the immigration line for bikers. The immigration officer took one look at the passport and we entered Canada!

The Golden Ears bridge at mile 50 turned out to be the highlight of today's ride. I could see the bridge from some distance and it looked very pretty. Especially, the ramp looked very exciting from far and it turned out to be so; the gradient wasn't too bad and it was fun biking up in circles to get onto the bridge. The view from the top of the bridge was exhilarating!

We passed through towns of Fort Langley, Pitt Meadows, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and Burnaby. In many of the towns, the local community had set up food/water stops for us. Near Burnaby we starting riding on the Canadian highway 7A with max speed limit for cars 80Km/hr (50miles/hr). There is a long uphill on this highway which is deceptive, and it wasn't too great biking there with cars zooming by.

Around mile 74, we start entering the suburbs of Vancouver. There were some more hills and a lot of navigation through the streets, but the dan-henrys made the route finding easy. A lot of the riding was on Vancouver's urban biking trail, the Adanac Bikeway. We entered Vancouver downtown through its historic Chinatown, and then into Gastown. Some streets in downtown were cobbled and along with the water view, it felt so much like Seattle downtown to me!

Before I knew it, a fellow RSVP biker yelled 'last hill' and I cruised into the finish line in Coast Plaza Hotel in Vancouver :-)

Srijan & I did this ride to raise funds for partners of Asha For Education in India. Please support our cause:

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Prema Grandhi said...

Awesome writeup Aps. Felt like I was there watching you guys ride. I am awed by both of you and the adventures you guys take on. Hope you guys many more successful adventures.